Jelly Bunny

Jelly Bunny is a lifestyle fashion accessory brand with a fun story to tell. Established since 2011, it offers a variety of fashion products including shoes, bags, watches, sunglasses and more. The main objective is to flaunt a distinctive sense of style, refined quality, creativity and value without compromising on the comfort, functionality and durability.

The brand constantly experiments with different shapes and bold colours, with plenty of love and attention to detail. Specially designed ornaments are constantly used to bring out the playful factor.

Meanwhile, the unique texture of Jelly Bunny products is achieved through an innovative manipulation of non-toxic, easy-to-clean materials, such as PVC and silicone.

While the cute ornaments and various hues are pleasing to the eyes, the soft jelly-like texture creates the temptation to touch and feel. Not to forget the sweet vanilla scent incorporated into the shoes to heighten the wearer’s sense of smell.

Jelly Bunny wants to invite every woman across the globe to join its whimsical world of lively, happy and friendly fashion. It is where they can effortlessly express their fun and colourful personalities though an array of playful designs that can perfectly fit into their active lifestyles. Jelly Bunny shoes and bags flawlessly complement outfits for any occasion, from a casual afternoon tea with friends to a romantic picnic date at the park on a nice sunny day.

Every girl can now spark up their sense of style with a touch more sweet glam and a tad more joy.

It’s because they deserve to have more fun.