Jaspal Home

Jaspal Home (est 1993) is best defined as being discerning and selective. It caters to customers with an understated taste. Who are willing to interplay their home d├ęcor in this selective style and category. It is for the discerning.
Jaspal Home cultivates its customers with a mix of products. Whether you are buying for your own home, a second home or a gift, it has something you will like. Consistent with the parent company, which has done linen for 60 years, Jaspal Home's main focus remains on bed linen and bedding accessories. Jaspal Home bed linen offerings range from cotton through all pure sateen up to high-end intrinsic Jacquard. Subliminal appeal - Everything is understated and tasteful. Colours and textures complement and blend.
Jaspal Home print programs are rather selective and different from regular branded bed linen that has to cover a large range of general customer choices. The colour story is one of mid tones and pastels.
One of the key drivers behind Jaspal Home is to always offer designs that are exclusive. It's a formula that seems to work because once a customer has made a first purchase they invariably come back for more.
Another advantage Jaspal Home has is that we produces or develops our own product programs. Jaspal Home has a comprehensive product sourcing at international standards with design and product development with quality control for all process to stringent standards.
Product quality and sustainability being the key.